Leave the logistics to us. As your trusted strategic partner, we can drive positive change throughout your supply chain to flexibly meet the challenges of rapidly evolving markets. No matter the scale or complexity of your operations, our expert team will take the lead, letting you focus on building your brand and growing your business.

Adding value to your supply chain

Supply Chain Diagnostics

We work with you to identify pain points in your supply chain. With years of industry expertise, we can identify optimization opportunities and recommend improvements based on your business needs and priorities.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO ensures the smooth daily operation of your supply chain. We provide streamlined operations using RANDY Logistics or other third-party service providers while driving superior efficiency, quality of service and economies of scale.

Network Optimization

Using sophisticated modeling techniques that factor in costs, seasonal fluctuations and inventory positioning, we can identify the optimal freight options, routing networks and distribution centers based on your business priorities. We also provide value-added services to support global sourcing and trade management.

International Route Management

By optimizing international routes, we can reduce your total landed costs while maintaining predictable lead times, allowing you to reduce safety stocks and improve inventory turnover. We can also identify the optimal transport mix and opportunities for consolidation, simplifying your supply chain and reducing costs.

Lead Logistics Management

RANDY Logistics as your lead logistics provider will monitor and manage every aspect of your supply chain across multiple logistics service providers. We evaluate and design your logistics operations to help you deliver holistic supply chain strategies.

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