International freight forwarding is often a balancing act between time, cost and environmental concerns. That’s one of the reasons companies choose RANDY Logistics for cost effective, smooth delivery of their cargo. Like them, you can be confident that our strategic alliances around the globe give you the flexibility to choose from a range of air and ocean freight service options. Seamlessly tailored to your precise needs, complete with end-to-end visibility.

Think together

Partnership is an over-used word, but it does go some way to describing our customer-focused services. We strive to bring much more to the relationship than simply a means of reaching your customers across the world.
Nothing demonstrates this better than sharing your perspective and your challenges while seeking creative solutions that meet the needs of today and enable the opportunities of tomorrow.

Lead Time Based Services

Where more than one factor comes into play, we can provide:

  • Express – 1-2 days for urgent cargo
  • Standard – 3-5 days, flexible choice
  • Economy – 5-7 days, maximizing cost effectiveness

Special Services, Balancing Capacity, Speed and Cost

When lead time is the determining factor, you can choose from:
Our global partnerships mean we can arrange charter flights to where your cargo needs to be. And we can solve issues of capacity, oversized or heavy cargo
Sea and Air
Offering the combined benefits of cost effectiveness with faster lead times than ocean freight
Air and Truck
And where cargo needs to be transported quickly, to or from an inland destination, we can offer a combined air and truck service

Industry Solutions

Almost every industry sector has some special storage and handling requirements, and at RANDY Logistics we have the industry sector experience and global network to meet your needs, including:

 Cold Chain
 Temperature Control
 Perishable Commodities
 Small Package Service
 Sensitive Equipment
 Project cargo, whatever the weight or configuration

Commonly imported products by air

 Pharmaceutical products and drugs
 Spare parts of vehicles and machine
 Clothes, shoes, bags
 Electrical and electronic products (phones, computers, cameras etc.)
 Emergency shipments
 Parcels and post (documents, CD’s, DVD’s etc.)
 Gold, Jewelry, silver products
 Fruits and perishable products

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