Global Supply Chain Solutions, from Inbound Procurement
to Finished Vehicle Transportation


The multi complex structures and supply chain of the automotive industry impose big challenges
on logistics services, and require expertise in the design of supply chain management, process
planning and operations efficiency. This is because the delivery of components from numerous
companies in different countries must be carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth
manufacturing and assembly process.
Our experts in each global region will work with our clients to provide tailor-made solutions to
meet any specific needs and requirements. RANDY Logistics offers world-wide, entire supply
chain solutions including inbound procurement, production logistics, service parts distribution,
and finished vehicle transportation.
Our range of services includes:

Inbound Procurement Logistics
 Buyers’ consolidation
 Multi-country cross docking
 Milk run collection
 Parts consolidation center (PCC)
 Complete knock down operation
 Packing designing
 Vendor managed inventory

Production Logistics
 Just-in-time (JIT)
 Sequencing to production line (Direct dock, P-Lane)
 Material handing operation (MHO)
 Marketplace management
 Kanban system
 Shunt operation with RFID
 Off-dock inland container yard management

Service Parts Logistics
 Night distribution
 Cross dock and platform activities
 Scanning and visibility

CBU (Complete Built Unit) Transportation and PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)
 Land/sea/air transportation for CBU includes prototype vehicles
Other Related Services to Automotive Industry
 3PL / LLP (Lead Logistics Provider)
 Equipment transportation and installation
 Optimal site simulation tool
 Route optimizing simulation tool
 Pipeline visibility system and PO management system
 Return rack and lithium ion battery collection

 Other logistics technologies (Double-deck containers for SKD or motorcycles, Strang system for
coil transport, anti-vibration for sensitive electrical auto parts.)

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