RANDY Logistics offers the planning, controlling and managing the transfer, storage
and other tangible and intangible operations performed in the process of event planning
and management. This also includes the transmission, storage and processing of

Event logistics management

When planning the logistics behind any event, as well as its implementation and control,
RANDY Logistics provide careful organization that considers the aspects of each program and
place of stay are critical to the success of the event. Possible changes should be quickly
integrated into the overall plan. That is why it’s necessary to “foresee the unforeseen” and be
able to quickly find an optimal solution.
RANDY logistics offers well-adjusted logistics services of an event, which include the following:
 Reservation of air and railway tickets in all directions;
 Organization of all types of transfers: group, individual, VIP;
 A procedure for the accelerated placement and departure of delegations in hotels;
 Registration of participants, provision of event materials;
 Accompanying groups during the event;
 Round-the-clock informational support for participants;
 Top-notch element planning & management platforms;
 Fast and seamless check-in and data processing;
 Analytics and so much more.
RANDY Logistics will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information about our
services so that you can plan the most suitable and cost-effective logistics solution in keeping
with your events.

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