Reduce Costs, Optimize Materials Flow, and Increase Productivity

In-house, or in-plant logistics have become an essential ingredient in Lean manufacturing –
integrating production processes with the external supply chain. RANDY Logistics brings extra
value with its deep expertise in the efficient flow of goods. That’s why major auto manufacturers
entrust many of their JIT-critical processes to us.

・Optimizing your production facilities
With in-plant warehousing, receiving goods, unloading, kitting, sub assembles and line-feeding
to meet demands as they happen – with zero line stoppages.

・Returnable asset management
We manage the assets, such as tote bins, in and out, freeing you to concentrate on running
your core operations.

・Consultancy services
We apply our principle to introduce best-in-class logistics processes and procedures; optimizing
storage and handling systems.

Our in-plant professionals can identify your true pain points and then tailor logistics solutions to
integrate with our global network. Maintaining the highest levels of quality and JIT

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