What is RoRo?

RoRo is short for ‘Roll-on, Roll-off’, which describes how products are loaded and discharged from a vessel.

When it comes to handling high, heavy and long loads, industries as diverse as powermachineryrail and aviation regularly take advantage of RoRo’s breakbulk shipping capabilities. Why? Because while it’s true that RoRo vessels do transport cars, trucks and rolling equipment, they’re also able to transport so much more. It’s time to dispel some of the most important things to know – and explore why RoRo really is a great shipping option for RANDY LOGISTICS

There’s no doubt that cars played an important role in the initial development of RoRo solutions back in the 1960s – but the modern RoRo vessel is capable of carrying a diverse mix of complex machine tools to heavy power generation equipment and large rail cars.
While cargo such as cars, trucks and buses roll on and off a RoRo vessel on their own wheels, it is loaded and unloaded using handling equipment with wheels.

RoRo’s reputation as a car-carrying service has led even the most experienced logistics professionals to believe that RoRo can’t handle heavy cargo. But some RoRo vessels are capable of carrying cargo:

  • Up to 6.1 metres high
  • Up to 12 metres wide
  • Up to 400 tonnes in weight.

RoRo is safer

There’s a widely-held belief that cargo will be safer if it’s shipped in a container. But unlike shipping solutions that involve multiple lifting operations and an increased risk of damage, RoRo involves minimal lifting as well as protection from external elements.

With RoRo, the process of ensuring a safe shipment starts long before the cargo arrives at the port of load. As well as finding out about cargo dimensions and weights, RANDY LOGISTICS Ocean team will work closely with customers to develop a clear understanding of cargo properties, such as lashing and lifting points, centres of gravity and footprints.

When it comes to transporting rail cars, railed roll trailers are available in 62-, 72- and 80-foot lengths with capacities from 80 to 100 tonnes. Multipurpose bogies, a flexible equipment platform suitable for a wide range of different cargo types, can also be used.

The idea that RoRo ocean transport is only good for cars is pretty outdated. RoRo vessels are actually the safest, fastest and most cost-efficient way to transport RANDY LOGISTICS cargo across the world’s oceans. For more information relating to our RoRo services, kindly fill out the form below and within 24h we will get back to you.

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