Now, let’s discuss how you want to ship your car to Cameroon.

There are two shipping options available :

Shipping cars in containers is a popular way of importing cars into Cameroon. If you can’t ship with a full load, that’s no problem. With LCL (Groupage), you have the option to be packed in one container with other shippers. This is a safe method of car shipping, especially if you work with a knowledgeable agent like RANDY LOGISTICS, as an improperly loaded car can cause unnecessary expense and damage, Which is what you wanted to avoid in the first place.
On the other hand, RoRo shipment (Rolled on – Rolled off) is the cheapest way to ship a car to Cameroon. With RoRo, the car is driven on board at the port of departure. At the port of destination, the car was driven overboard. While this method is cheap, it leaves your car unprotected while the ship is on its way to its destination port.
So let’s say the car you’re shipping is a Toyota Blade. Using RoRo, shipping this car from Germany to Cameroon will cost between 450 and 600 Euros.


How To Ensure A Car Is Secure When Shipping In A Container

What is Customs Clearance within the process of the project? 

Upon arrival at the Port Autonome de Douala, you’ll need to work with a customs clearing agent to sort out customs duty and taxes.

N.B: Custom duty in Cameroon is calculated by multiplying the assessed value or “valeur imposable” (FOB value + Fret) by 91% for cars less than 15 years or 107% for cars older than 15 years.

How do you get the FOB value of a second-hand car from Europe?

To get the FOB value, you’ll need to refer to L’argus Magazine. So, before your car arrives, the customs clearing agent will get to work.

The custom clearing agent will get the FOB value from L’argus and add to it the freight from the Bill of lading.

Practical examples of custom duty on a second-hand car from Europe

Let’s say you’re importing a second-hand Toyota Avensis 126 D-4D FAP Dynamic 4p manufactured in 2010 from Hamburg to Douala. What is the custom duty?


FOB value = XAF 2 184 480

Freight = XAF 350 000

Assessed value = FOB value + Freight (2 184 480 + 350 000 = 2 534 480)

Custom Duty = Assessed value × 0.91 ( 2 534 480 × 0.91 =  XAF 2 306 377)

NB : We applied 91% because  the car is less  than 15 years old.

Let’s take another example of a car older than 15 years – the Mercedes Benz Class ML 2006.

FOB value = XAF 2 709 280

Freight = XAF 500 000

Assessed value = 2 709 280 + 500 000 = 3 209 280

Custom Duty = 3209280 × 107% (1.07) = XAF 3 433 929

NB: These are estimations by law. Cars older than 15 years get a higher custom value.  For cars less than five years old, you can negotiate lower than 91% through a custom clearing agent. Also, remember that the FOB value from L’argus Magazine is average. So, based on the experience of your RANDY LOGISTICS as your best custom clearing agent, we know what limit they can reduce your FOB value to. 

Tips on How you can reduce the cost of a second-hand Car 

  1. Buy cheap: As we’ve seen above, the FOB value of your car is determined by L’argus. So buying cheaper in Germany will save cost. That’s why it’s important to have an agent in Germany that masters the market and will most importantly evaluate the car physically and negotiate the price.
  2. Buy from a location closer to the port of export, in which case Hamburg or Antwerp.
  3. Work with a knowledgeable custom clearing agent in Cameroon who is willing to help more than make a profit. At the level of customs clearance, there is a lot of work that can be done to reduce the customs duty of a car.
  4. Work with a customs clearing agent who will get you involved in the process.
  5. Avoid giving a full deposit except you trust your agent.

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