Most people around the world would prefer taking a flight for their journey, which can take a couple of hours, as opposed to being shipped or driven which takes days, weeks, or even months. The same ethos often stands when people are deciding how they want to ship their products. Transporting goods by land was the first method of shipping ever invented, but with time, transportation became diverse. However, as humans have evolved and spread across the planet, it’s become necessary to adapt our shipping transportation methods.

Air freight has only been around for about a century, it’s the best choice over sea or road freight for many different industries. Not only is it faster than sea or road freight, but it is best used for shipments of high values, and low volume.

Now let’s discuss the benefit of using air freight


Shipping by sea is governed heavily by the weather and the tides, and transport by land is subject to traffic and laws regulating conditions for drivers. Air freight isn’t controlled so heavily by external factors, and airlines tend to stick to a strict schedule, which results in reliable departure and arrival times.

Despite horror stories of lost luggage, it’s actually very easy to track shipments as your freight forwarder will be provided with information that can then be made available to you via their online track and trace system, email, or of course a simple phone call if you prefer.


If your business required timely delivery and customer satisfaction, you need to think of a speed transport method, then you’ll probably be pretty happy to know that one of the biggest advantages of air freight is its speed.

Multiple destinations

Many cargo-carrying airlines have worldwide networks, with dozens serving worldwide. This means that if you’re looking to shift your cargo via air, just about any location you would want to ship, will be accessible. Air freight is a great option for landlocked destinations and even very remote places. That is why most people prefer RANDY LOGISTICS SERVICES because they deliver to land lock Countries like CHAD, CENTRAL AFRICA, and DR CONGO… just to name few.

Less warehousing

Quicker transport time means less need for warehousing. It’s not as necessary to keep a huge amount in stock when you can have more products in as little as a day. Most cargo is cleared in a matter of hours, so you can cut down on your warehousing costs hugely.


Unnecessary spending

Whilst air freight services are typically more expensive than shipping by sea or transporting by land, the savings made in other areas can balance out the upfront cost. Not only do you spend less on the packaging, storage in warehouses and wasted resources through late/damaged/missing cargo, but air freight also carries with it lower insurance premiums.

As the time in transit is minimal for air cargo, premiums can be generally lower than sea or land freight. Lower insurance premiums can mean huge amounts of savings. For companies delivering to customers that charge fines for late deliveries, or maintenance engineers that need to meet replacement parts to ensure a production line remains operational, the reliability and speed of air freight could be literally invaluable. So despite the upfront expense that air freight presents, it can also bring you more savings than you might have first thought.


If you’re curious to know more about RANDY LOGISTICS Air Freight can take your logistics needs to the next level, kindly contact us. We pride ourselves on providing worldwide logistics solutions, not just by Air, but also by sea and Land. For more than 20+ years, we’ve been providing excellent services in road, sea, and air freight, and proving ourselves to be a reputable and reliable freight forwarder.

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